Get high on Ping Pong, with the High Country Table Tennis.


We normally play Monday through Thursday 10am to 2:30pm at Moose Lodge #319, 6501 E 6th St, Prescott Valley, AZ.  Members are notified of occasional schedule exceptions.  Other interested parties could contact us before coming (info at bottom) to verify scheduling.

We have 45 members of all skill levels.  We will accept new members until we reach a member count appropriate for our venue and normal attendance level.  Drop in visitors from other locales are welcome.  You’ll love our congenial, fun loving members.

  • We have 4 brand new Waldner Classic professional tables.
  • We play doubles and singles.
  • Our ‘Club Pro’, 2-time National Senior Olympic Champion, provides free individual lessons to members and fitness suggestions for aging and injured members.
  • We will have occasional tournaments, seminars, and exhibitions.
  • Yearly fee of $10 for membership, waived for one time drop ins from another locale, plus $4.00 per day that a member plays ($2.00 to Moose for charity, $2.00 to High Country).
High Country Table Tennis was founded by Steve Grassel and Dr. Dale James (an up and coming tournament player). 

Promoting Ping Pong

Grassel advocates for ping pong being played more in and around the Prescott area, in part because it lifts up folks who are battling health problems and the affects of aging. Ping pong stimulates both sides of the brain while improving hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Ping pong is the latest best therapy for Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and aging. 

At the Glencroft Senior Living in Glendale, AZ, Steve helped get tables installed in one of the communities facilities so Glencroft’s Alzheimer’s and dementia patients could play. 

Steve recently instructed Yavapai College graduate, 23-year-old Clint Ewell in table tennis.  Clint won the Arizona State Open after only 3 years of working with Steve.

Grassel, a retired music professor, has won a total of 30 gold medals including two national championships, will help anyone with their game, free of charge, (beginners, challenged, to advanced skill levels).

Steve says you owe it to yourself to fight for your quality of life. After enduring surgery and paralysis from a traffic accident, he adds, “just being able to participate is a win.”

Did you know this? Table tennis is not only good exercise but excellent for maintaining mental alertness and reflexes as we age.

Steve Grassel,
Dale James,
Lori Grassel,